Thursday, January 6, 2011

Uniform Resource Locator

I woke up from my 8 hour nap and i felt like writing again. So, after the hot shower and the fashionably late lunch, i decided to write a new post. Before i go on, i wanna share a little secret to all of you, my loyal readers. I'm in love ! The first question that's gonna pop out of everyone's head would most probably be 'Who the hell are you in love with?!' Well, the answer to that million-dollar question would be.....

Korean-American actress, Jamie Chung

Let's move on to the primary reason of this post, the URL. I always know what a URL is, but i never took the initiative to google what it actually stands for. Well, i know some of you would even be searching for it as you're reading this post. You don't have to as URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, previously known as Universal Resource Locator.

Anyway, i thought about my blog's URL for at least a couple of hours. Like parking spaces, the good ones are already taken. Unlike the cars in the parking lots, these URLs will not be moved, or in this case, changed. I've asked for opinions from a few of my mates, and they told me to let it be as random as possible, without being as lame at the same time. One of them, whose name i will keep secret for the time being, gave a few interesting URLs, but i wanted it to be something with a meaning. I don't think that this URL would be permanent, but for now, it stands. Finding a standout URL is harder than i first imagined. I hope to get a better one in the near future.

Well, i'm off to futsal now for some action and game time. I was also informed that i'll be playing tonight too, more game time. I need to rediscover my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious touches and improve as a playmaker.

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