Thursday, January 13, 2011

A true gentleman

I was lining up at McDonald's earlier for breakfast. The time was 8 am. There was only one opened counter so the queue was quite long. And so i waited for my turn. While waiting, i noticed something remarkably, how shall i say this, heart-warming. Yes, that's the word. A guy did something a normal malaysian wouldn't possibly do. What he did was he gave the authority to a lady to jump in queue right in front of him. The lady had just arrived to the place and she smiled at him, thanking him in the process. My first thought was that the guy was tryna check her out or something, a thought most malaysians would probably think of nowadays. She was quite good looking, and he has the looks of Genji Takiya, the gangster from Crows Zero...

And so, the lady was exactly behind me, and behind her was the guy. I was curious about his intentions. I did turn to look behind me a couple of times, but nothing was clear that he was trying to check her out or something like that. I think all he did was checking out the menu and deciding on what to ingest on a sunny Thursday morning.

Anyway, after i payed for my food, i went upstairs as the ground floor tables were fully occupied. The queue was long, hence, the fully occupied tables downstairs. While munching on my meal, the guy i was talking about earlier sat a few tables away from me. The lady was nowhere out of sight. So i thought maybe there's still good guys out there. I still wasn't completely sure about that fact so i watched him and his moves for the next few minutes. Good thing he didn't notice, or else he'd think i'm a gay or something. And guys, i'm not a gay. I was just trying to see if he's the guy of a girl's dream. That does sound gay. Whatever.

He did nothing much, besides using his phone, watching the surroundings, and consuming his breakfast of course. And then, he did something that really made him what you'd call a true gentleman. I saw one guy at Subway once, i was with my braders when this guy, who just reached Subway, cleaned each used table outdoors. And my mates and i were shocked to see that there's still a gentleman out there. Turns out that he was the owner of the place, and it was the first night Subway opened. We were wrong. Any owner would probably do the same thing, including me. Now, back to the Genji guy, he did the same thing. He actually cleaned the whole top floor. Every single table. He even asked me if i'm done with my breakfast, so that he could take my tray and throw the rubbish into the dustbin. Trying to be a gentleman of my own, i did the honours myself.

But the thought of 'there's no more gentleman out there' was quickly vanished into thin air, thanks to the guy i just talked about. He was certainly not the owner of the store, unlike the Subway story. I don't know anything about him, but from what he did, i'd call him the perfect man. I'm saying this because this kind of a man is on the verge of extinction. I'm saying this because one day, i wanna be a gentleman, i wanna be the perfect man. Someday.

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