Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The comeback kid !

I know, it has been a light year since i last blogged. It didn't seem to bug me, not blogging for such a long time, though there were many things that i could have blogged about. The funny part about this post is that there's no real reason for it. It's just that i have absolutely nothing to do right now.

There is, something i'd like to share though. Something 'JohnShaf' from Twitter is not really fond of. Why ? That's because i'm officially The Manager of the Season ! I'm proud of this feat although it was all too easy in the end. And even though i spent almost the whole season chasing this 'JohnShaf' guy, i managed to win impressively. And i hereby proclaim myself as the comeback kid ! Oh and yes, there's only one 'JohnShaf' on Twitter so you can check him out there.

Sorry for a quite boring post. I know there'll be much better posts in the near future.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Dear friend,

I guess you'd be at home with your family when you're reading this. I just heard from a reliable source that you're on your way to Jeddah right this moment. Then you'll be heading for Malaysia on a ship. I'm really glad you're safe and sound after learning that many have been killed there. By the way, rumours have it that your University there will be closed for a year, means more time spent together ? Awesome news. Lol. Anyway, i hope you'll give me a call once you've arrived okay brader.

I have loads to tell you and i know you do too.

And i don't think we'll study together there, as i suggested before. But that's not important.

I miss you.
You know who you are.

Yours sincerely, me.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Sorry for not updating this for the last 10 days or so. It's not that i refuse to, but i simply don't have the time for this, at the moment.
Anyway, the first week in Puncak Alam flew by without me noticing it. Playing catch-up isn't as easy as i first thought it would be. But as they all say, it's worth it if it's hard to earn (or something like that). Thankfully, i have a few friends who'll guide me for the next month or so in this aspect. I don't think i'll be coming back to Subang after the Chinese New Year until i'm done with my final examinations.
Though it is unfair, i refuse to blame anyone. I hate tomatoes but i'll ketchup soon !

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Return of the Kings.

I've been away, for more than a week already. Not because i refused to blog, but it's really because i can't. My laptop is unusable due to the problem 'Unmountable boot volume' and i don't know how to fix this actually. I haven't told my parents yet about this but by the time my mum is reading this post, i don't think i have to. I miss blogging, but not as much as i miss a friend, who just finished his first semester in Egypt and enjoying his holidays overseas. He said that he was jealous that my blog is fully english, unlike his. Haha i know you're gonna read this. Anyway, if things don't seem to go to plan, i might as well head to Egypt to study there, that'd be fun right ?

Moving on, talking about returns, i'm not the only one making comebacks right now. King Kenny's second coming at Liverpool started poorly with 2 defeats and a draw, but with Torres, another player who's returning  to his best, playing good football, they are on their way back to the top half of the league. Not bad Kenny. Another impressive comeback is Japan's heroics against  the Asian Cup host Qatar. They were a man short and a goal down, but they fought back to win with the last kick of the match. Will they be the kings of Asia ? There's only one way to find that out. There's one more great comeback, but i'll talk about him soon. RVP !

As a side note, i'm doing pretty well in changing my sleeping time now. I sleep before 12 every night and i wake up around 7 the next morning, unless there's a football match that night of course. And i also witnessed what could possibly be the goal of the year at usj 20 last saturday ! He plays like Berbatov but he doesn't look like one. Wanna know who? I'm gonna reveal this soon.
Will be updating as frequently as i possibly can from now onwards.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A true gentleman

I was lining up at McDonald's earlier for breakfast. The time was 8 am. There was only one opened counter so the queue was quite long. And so i waited for my turn. While waiting, i noticed something remarkably, how shall i say this, heart-warming. Yes, that's the word. A guy did something a normal malaysian wouldn't possibly do. What he did was he gave the authority to a lady to jump in queue right in front of him. The lady had just arrived to the place and she smiled at him, thanking him in the process. My first thought was that the guy was tryna check her out or something, a thought most malaysians would probably think of nowadays. She was quite good looking, and he has the looks of Genji Takiya, the gangster from Crows Zero...

And so, the lady was exactly behind me, and behind her was the guy. I was curious about his intentions. I did turn to look behind me a couple of times, but nothing was clear that he was trying to check her out or something like that. I think all he did was checking out the menu and deciding on what to ingest on a sunny Thursday morning.

Anyway, after i payed for my food, i went upstairs as the ground floor tables were fully occupied. The queue was long, hence, the fully occupied tables downstairs. While munching on my meal, the guy i was talking about earlier sat a few tables away from me. The lady was nowhere out of sight. So i thought maybe there's still good guys out there. I still wasn't completely sure about that fact so i watched him and his moves for the next few minutes. Good thing he didn't notice, or else he'd think i'm a gay or something. And guys, i'm not a gay. I was just trying to see if he's the guy of a girl's dream. That does sound gay. Whatever.

He did nothing much, besides using his phone, watching the surroundings, and consuming his breakfast of course. And then, he did something that really made him what you'd call a true gentleman. I saw one guy at Subway once, i was with my braders when this guy, who just reached Subway, cleaned each used table outdoors. And my mates and i were shocked to see that there's still a gentleman out there. Turns out that he was the owner of the place, and it was the first night Subway opened. We were wrong. Any owner would probably do the same thing, including me. Now, back to the Genji guy, he did the same thing. He actually cleaned the whole top floor. Every single table. He even asked me if i'm done with my breakfast, so that he could take my tray and throw the rubbish into the dustbin. Trying to be a gentleman of my own, i did the honours myself.

But the thought of 'there's no more gentleman out there' was quickly vanished into thin air, thanks to the guy i just talked about. He was certainly not the owner of the store, unlike the Subway story. I don't know anything about him, but from what he did, i'd call him the perfect man. I'm saying this because this kind of a man is on the verge of extinction. I'm saying this because one day, i wanna be a gentleman, i wanna be the perfect man. Someday.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's been awhile since the last time my biological clock was normal. The term nocturnal is a better word to describe me nowadays, rather than the term diurnal. A nocturnal, a word which describes a species which belongs to the night or shall i say, become active at night while a diurnal, like normal human beings, is a word describing a species being active at daytime.I'm sure you all know what that means and all that. I've been in this condition since i don't know when. It's impossible to stop when your biological clock is upside down. From today onwards, i'll try to slowly change my clock to the way it should be, unlike these animals...
It looks like this one has been hypnotized of something. Or maybe it's just me.
This one looks scary. Or again maybe it's just me.

I always have my first meal of the day every single day at 5 pm and i've been trying to find the right name for this meal. Well, the first meal of the day is breakfast but no one eats breakfast at 5 pm. Lunch? Too late for that too. And a dinner isn't as early at 5 pm, everyone knows that. I guess i'll quit trying after i change my biological clock soon.

Moving on, i didn't go to Secondhand Serenade's concert, as expected. I know a few who's listening to some awesome songs as i'm typing, but i'm not really close with them so i'll just wait for another big name to come soon. Michael Buble, Bruno Mars and Maroon 5 are currently on my radar, forget about Justin Bieber.

That'll be it for tonight.

Monday, January 10, 2011


A dispute where there is strong disagreement, an argument between opposing views, a contentious speech act. That was certainly the case in the world of football this weekend. In football, when the word controversy comes into play, the officials is always the guilty party. Here's a list of  a few, if not all, controversial moments of the weekend.

1.  The pacy arsenal winger dived minutes before he was eventually fouled inside the box against leeds on saturday. The lad then apologised after the match for diving. Just like Henry did on his double handball against ireland to get to the 2010 world cup, theo said sorry for diving in a post-match interview. Fair play. And he's quite good looking too. LOL

2. The Bulgarian striker deceived Howard Webb after he gracefully fell in the very first minute in United's third round fa cup clash against Liverpool. Webb, the main man of the World Cup final in South Africa and also the Champions League final in Madrid, easily gave United the victory as he then sent off Liverpool skipper Gerrard. He was then joked around the football world in the form of a picture of him in a United jersey. That wasn't the main talking point as the simulation by Dimitar was the reason Kenny Dalglish's first match ended in a defeat. In a post-match interview, a confident-looking Berbatov said that he didn't dive and refuse to apologise to the world. Instead, he bragged that he doesn't go down easily whenever he play, but there was no doubt that he went down cheaply in the match last night. Poor play. I guess that's why he used to play for Spurs. LOL

3. Rumours are saying that the dutch winger tweeted something about Howard Webb after the referee dumped Liverpool out of the fa cup. He said "And they call him one of the best referees? That's a joke". The dutchman also post the above picture of Howard Webb. Ryan then apologised on twitter for the comments he said towards the english referee. However, the FA confirmed that they will look into the issue and will rule whether a punishment is necessary. Nice hairstyle by the way Ryan ! LOL 

4. He didn't really did anything wrong. In fact, he scored a hatrick against Villareal to give his side a 4-2 home victory to ensure that Real Madrid stays 2 points behind Barcelona. His third goal however, should've been ruled offside. The linesman didn't raise the flag and the goal stood. Villareal were furious and the manager, players and coaches went riot. Anyway, Ronaldo has now scored more than his teammates combined this season. Outstanding. Messi got some catching up to do. LOL  

5. Again, the french full-back did absolutely nothing wrong in their 4-0 thrashing of Deportivo La Coruna. Lionel Messi, the world's best player, slotted a perfect through ball in behind the Deportivo defence, and the onrushing Eric finished clinically pass the goalkeeper, only to be ruled out for offside. It didn't matter as Barcelona won in style as they always do.

There you have it, 5 controversial calls from referees this week alone. There are a few more like the referee in China v Kuwait match in the Asian Games but i'm not gonna touch on that. 

It's 5 am and i should be in bed. I'm still thinking about the Secondhand Serenade concert but 'Faizal Tahir's younger brother' said that he's not coming. So John and I would most probably stay at home, unless we're gay. But we're not. If you're wondering who Faizal Tahir's younger brother is, you just have to be patient.

That'll be it for tonight's post.