Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's been awhile since the last time my biological clock was normal. The term nocturnal is a better word to describe me nowadays, rather than the term diurnal. A nocturnal, a word which describes a species which belongs to the night or shall i say, become active at night while a diurnal, like normal human beings, is a word describing a species being active at daytime.I'm sure you all know what that means and all that. I've been in this condition since i don't know when. It's impossible to stop when your biological clock is upside down. From today onwards, i'll try to slowly change my clock to the way it should be, unlike these animals...
It looks like this one has been hypnotized of something. Or maybe it's just me.
This one looks scary. Or again maybe it's just me.

I always have my first meal of the day every single day at 5 pm and i've been trying to find the right name for this meal. Well, the first meal of the day is breakfast but no one eats breakfast at 5 pm. Lunch? Too late for that too. And a dinner isn't as early at 5 pm, everyone knows that. I guess i'll quit trying after i change my biological clock soon.

Moving on, i didn't go to Secondhand Serenade's concert, as expected. I know a few who's listening to some awesome songs as i'm typing, but i'm not really close with them so i'll just wait for another big name to come soon. Michael Buble, Bruno Mars and Maroon 5 are currently on my radar, forget about Justin Bieber.

That'll be it for tonight.

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