Friday, January 7, 2011


A few days ago, one of my best buddies asked me a few questions on cars. Turns out that i know almost nothing about them. I can't even recognize the headlights of a Volkswagen Beetle, a car which i ride almost everyday. Not mine's of course. I can't even differentiate a Mitsubishi car and a Nissan car. This is a disgrace for someone; whose uncle knows more about cars than anyone else in the family, whose close friends know more about cars then any other teenagers in Subang Jaya. 

So, knowing this, i took the time to learn more about them as i have the time to do so. The fact that i don't have my own car doesn't really contribute to any of this. Anyhow, i started this crash course with the logos of  the most popular cars on this planet. I even did this quiz i found on google :

Out of 30, i got only 17 correct :(

 I'll continue doing my research on cars after this and then i'll be off to futsal.

I'm carrying a slight ankle injury but hopefully i'll be able to shake it off. I also hope that the weather stays as it is right now. Perfect.

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