Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Return of the Kings.

I've been away, for more than a week already. Not because i refused to blog, but it's really because i can't. My laptop is unusable due to the problem 'Unmountable boot volume' and i don't know how to fix this actually. I haven't told my parents yet about this but by the time my mum is reading this post, i don't think i have to. I miss blogging, but not as much as i miss a friend, who just finished his first semester in Egypt and enjoying his holidays overseas. He said that he was jealous that my blog is fully english, unlike his. Haha i know you're gonna read this. Anyway, if things don't seem to go to plan, i might as well head to Egypt to study there, that'd be fun right ?

Moving on, talking about returns, i'm not the only one making comebacks right now. King Kenny's second coming at Liverpool started poorly with 2 defeats and a draw, but with Torres, another player who's returning  to his best, playing good football, they are on their way back to the top half of the league. Not bad Kenny. Another impressive comeback is Japan's heroics against  the Asian Cup host Qatar. They were a man short and a goal down, but they fought back to win with the last kick of the match. Will they be the kings of Asia ? There's only one way to find that out. There's one more great comeback, but i'll talk about him soon. RVP !

As a side note, i'm doing pretty well in changing my sleeping time now. I sleep before 12 every night and i wake up around 7 the next morning, unless there's a football match that night of course. And i also witnessed what could possibly be the goal of the year at usj 20 last saturday ! He plays like Berbatov but he doesn't look like one. Wanna know who? I'm gonna reveal this soon.
Will be updating as frequently as i possibly can from now onwards.

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