Monday, January 10, 2011


A dispute where there is strong disagreement, an argument between opposing views, a contentious speech act. That was certainly the case in the world of football this weekend. In football, when the word controversy comes into play, the officials is always the guilty party. Here's a list of  a few, if not all, controversial moments of the weekend.

1.  The pacy arsenal winger dived minutes before he was eventually fouled inside the box against leeds on saturday. The lad then apologised after the match for diving. Just like Henry did on his double handball against ireland to get to the 2010 world cup, theo said sorry for diving in a post-match interview. Fair play. And he's quite good looking too. LOL

2. The Bulgarian striker deceived Howard Webb after he gracefully fell in the very first minute in United's third round fa cup clash against Liverpool. Webb, the main man of the World Cup final in South Africa and also the Champions League final in Madrid, easily gave United the victory as he then sent off Liverpool skipper Gerrard. He was then joked around the football world in the form of a picture of him in a United jersey. That wasn't the main talking point as the simulation by Dimitar was the reason Kenny Dalglish's first match ended in a defeat. In a post-match interview, a confident-looking Berbatov said that he didn't dive and refuse to apologise to the world. Instead, he bragged that he doesn't go down easily whenever he play, but there was no doubt that he went down cheaply in the match last night. Poor play. I guess that's why he used to play for Spurs. LOL

3. Rumours are saying that the dutch winger tweeted something about Howard Webb after the referee dumped Liverpool out of the fa cup. He said "And they call him one of the best referees? That's a joke". The dutchman also post the above picture of Howard Webb. Ryan then apologised on twitter for the comments he said towards the english referee. However, the FA confirmed that they will look into the issue and will rule whether a punishment is necessary. Nice hairstyle by the way Ryan ! LOL 

4. He didn't really did anything wrong. In fact, he scored a hatrick against Villareal to give his side a 4-2 home victory to ensure that Real Madrid stays 2 points behind Barcelona. His third goal however, should've been ruled offside. The linesman didn't raise the flag and the goal stood. Villareal were furious and the manager, players and coaches went riot. Anyway, Ronaldo has now scored more than his teammates combined this season. Outstanding. Messi got some catching up to do. LOL  

5. Again, the french full-back did absolutely nothing wrong in their 4-0 thrashing of Deportivo La Coruna. Lionel Messi, the world's best player, slotted a perfect through ball in behind the Deportivo defence, and the onrushing Eric finished clinically pass the goalkeeper, only to be ruled out for offside. It didn't matter as Barcelona won in style as they always do.

There you have it, 5 controversial calls from referees this week alone. There are a few more like the referee in China v Kuwait match in the Asian Games but i'm not gonna touch on that. 

It's 5 am and i should be in bed. I'm still thinking about the Secondhand Serenade concert but 'Faizal Tahir's younger brother' said that he's not coming. So John and I would most probably stay at home, unless we're gay. But we're not. If you're wondering who Faizal Tahir's younger brother is, you just have to be patient.

That'll be it for tonight's post.

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