Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's January and as a die hard fan of Arsenal Football Club, a club based in North London, i couldn't wait any longer for the FA Cup to begin. This is the oldest football competition on the planet, and it's inception was in the year 1871-72. For this season, it actually began a few months back, but the third round (this weekend) is where it truly kicks off as all the big clubs start their journey to Wembley in May.

Arsenal weren't really on song after they could only snatch a late equaliser through a late Cesc penalty. But i'm not here to talk about the gunners tonight, no. I just witnessed the magic of The FA Cup. Yes, Leeds United's draw at the Emirates was a surprise, but a League Two club beating one of the top teams in the nation, now that's magic. That's like a school team beating the likes of Selangor or Kelantan. Upsets like this happen once in a blue moon in everyhting else, except The FA Cup.


I know, Stevenage FC ? Some of you football fans probably have never heard of this club before this. The exact same goes to me. Newcastle United, a club also known as the Toon Army, went down quite astonishingly by three goals to one, to the non-league side. This is, to me, the biggest cupset so far this season. If Liverpool could turn the tables and beat unbeaten Manchester United tomorrow night, that'll be something, although i still doubt that the club from merseyside are capable of pulling off such a victory but this is The FA Cup so who knows?

The FA Cup has always been about giant-killing, magic and end to end football. While most of the managers of the clubs at the top think that the magic is lost, and that the cup isn't really important to their season, the lower league sides always have that believe in them, knowing that anything could happen in a match of football. They are not being optimistic, but they really have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Something they call taking a chance. 

I'm sorry if you're not a fan of football. I'll try not to post about football next time out alright? 

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