Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The comeback kid !

I know, it has been a light year since i last blogged. It didn't seem to bug me, not blogging for such a long time, though there were many things that i could have blogged about. The funny part about this post is that there's no real reason for it. It's just that i have absolutely nothing to do right now.

There is, something i'd like to share though. Something 'JohnShaf' from Twitter is not really fond of. Why ? That's because i'm officially The Manager of the Season ! I'm proud of this feat although it was all too easy in the end. And even though i spent almost the whole season chasing this 'JohnShaf' guy, i managed to win impressively. And i hereby proclaim myself as the comeback kid ! Oh and yes, there's only one 'JohnShaf' on Twitter so you can check him out there.

Sorry for a quite boring post. I know there'll be much better posts in the near future.

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